Guild Information [CATH] Heretics ~*Recruiting 15+*~
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Guild [CATH] Heretics ~*Recruiting 15+*~
Established: on 2007-11-06 at 02:59:33
Guild members 2
Wars won: 22
Wars lost: 25
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Guild description

The Cathar Heretics are descendants of those who fought in the crusades, and who were charged with the protection of holy relics. These people were called heretics because they believed that the Spark of the Divine Light was imprisoned in a material body fashioned by a Demiurgos, and they insisted that Deity was both masculine and feminine. Cathars were persecuted because of the value of the land and livestock they owned and the greed of the French King.

Because of their radical belief in the Divine Feminine, She of many Names (Sophia, Isis, Barbelo, Mary, Kali, Kwan Yin...),

and in Jesus as Revealer of Mysteries and husband of Mary Magdalene, it was relatively easy for the King of France to convince the Pope to declare the Cathars heretics. Most shocking of all, the Cathars had female leaders! Once charged the heretics were excommunicated, and their property was seized by the King. The brave men and women of the Perfecti fled to the the mountains, where for years they have performed the rites and professed the non-violence of the Cathars.


**Cathar Paladin 40+
**Cathar Illuminatus 30-39
**Cathar Initiate 20-29
**Cathar Knight 15-19
**Cathar Squire 10-14
**Cathar Scholar 1-9

**Your Rank - Registered at Castle (forum)

Yet to donate **Servant**

500+ **Cleric**
1000+ **Porter**
2000+ **Exorcist**
3000+ **Lector**
4000+ **Acolyte**
5000+ **Deacon**
10,000+ **Priest**
20,000+ **Bishop**
30,000+ **Perfecti**
50,000+ **Holy Circle**


If you want to join our guild or have any issues with a member of our guild, please let PrincessShady know and she will take care of it!

This Guild is run by Council with Lord King reserving all rights as Guild Founder.


WE DO NOT LEAK GOLD. We are the noblest of warriors; we fight with honor. Our actions must never be stained by greed and opportunism.

All Cathar Heretics are asked to play regularly, to perform missions in 10 minute installments and to donate gold left at the end of the day to the guild. More gold means bigger castle, which means more members! What you donate to the Guild cannot be looted and is not deducted from your total loot. If you have premium, please use guild tag [CATH] either in front of your account name or after it. Using tag brings power to guild.


All guild members are required to register in the Castle using the same name they play KnightFight under. Cathar Castle is the main communication centre for the Cathar Heretics. It is also the only way to access our Guild Webpage.

Welcome to Cathar Castle. Click Here.

If you are an active player and have what it takes to be the best, join us!