Guild Information [=-A-=] Avalon
This guild is currently accepting membership applications
Guild [=-A-=] Avalon
Established: on 2007-10-30 at 23:23:40
Guild members 13
Wars won: 55
Wars lost: 53
Guild description Guild members Guild castle Guild war

Guild members
Name: Level: Rank:
Capo 41 Avalon Paladin
Anomi [=-A-=] 35 Avalon Paladini
Marty of York 35 Questing Paladin of Avalon/Regent
Storm Cloud 33 Avalon Paladin
entarenia [=-A-=] 33 Avalon Paladini/Grand Duches
Master Alucard 31 Avalon Paladin/Emperor
Kerenor 30 Avalon Knight
unmovedeye 30 Avalon Paladin
William 29 Avalon Knight
wimpi 25 Avalon Knight/Viscount
Drizzt DoUrden 23 Mercanary DoUrden
chasity 22 Candidate
Cesshern 6 Candidate